Reference Terrace Chair for a Minimalist House

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Residential is one of the dreams that must be owned. Aside from being a place to live, housing is often chosen as one of the promising investments. How come? Its existence has more and more years of selling value that continues to soar. In the midst of the soaring prices, many minimalist residential concepts have sprung up. This minimalist concept has a fairly small size, this is adapted to furniture that is tailored to the size of the residence. Its small size often leaves little space for the porch of your house. So how do you choose a patio chair or outdoor furniture that fits your occupancy? Before making a choice, it’s good if you know the various types of patio chairs for your minimalist room. The following five terrace chair references as your outdoor furniture indonesia.

Swaying Minimalist Patio Chair

Minimalist swaying chair, better known as a rocking chair, is a chair that is made different on its legs so it can sway or swing. Maybe if you see the shape you immediately imagine a chair that is often occupied by your grandmother or grandfather huh. Although it seems old, but the rocking chair is very cool to be used as a choice of minimalist patio chairs. Rocking chairs can be enjoyed for all ages. When you sit, you can shake it back and forth so that your body feels more relaxed.

Minimalist Swing Patio Chair

If you have children, of course choosing a swing chair will sound more exciting. Minimalist patio chairs and swings can be your right choice. You can place this swing chair on the porch of your house or in the small garden of your house. If your room is quite minimalist, choose a swing chair for one person. However, if your room is a little wider, choose chairs for two people. More fun, you can relax or lie on a swing chair in the yard.

Minimalist Patio Chair From Wood

Wood material is very closely related to the element of minimalism. One of the beautiful furniture from the chair. The color of natural wood fiber can be a unique motif that suits you traditional or Scandinavian-style residential owners. If you use it as outdoor furniture, you can choose the type of wood that is suitable for all weather, teak wood. You can choose the type and size of furniture that fits the occupancy theme. Because of the hard wood material, you can add foam as a seat or backrest. So that makes you more relaxed and certainly safer for children.

Soft Minimalist Patio Chair

When talking about comfort, a minimalist patio chair that is soft is certainly an option. The shape of this minimalist patio chair is square with foam in the holder and back. For frame material you can use rattan or iron. Both types of material are very suitable as your outdoor furniture. To complete the appearance, you can add a small table to place the cup.

Minimalist Terrace with Bright Shades

Bright colors are believed to arouse the joy of the occupants. Especially if you do carry the full color concept for home. Not that bright color selection will damage the minimalist feel of your room. Because not always the minimalist concept must use neutral colors only. To get a minimalist, bright nuanced chair that matches your room, pay attention to the choice of the color and size of your room. And keep in mind, that bright colors don’t have to be light colors, but you can choose pastel colors.

As a manufacturer of outdoor furniture Indonesia, of course manufacturers have various considerations. Various considerations include material strength, beauty, maintenance, durability and costs to be incurred.

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